But the 2 Series Active Tourer is rather agile for its size

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Fake Celine Most engines are available across all trim grades except the entry spec SE which is only offered on 218 and 216 models, while the new 225xe is only available with Sport or Luxury trim.The 2 Series Active Tourer only comes in a five seat body style, but BMW has also introduced the2 Series Gran Toureron the same platform with a stretched seven seater body.Like the design, an MPV’s driving dynamics can be limited due to the shape and size of the vehicle. But the 2 Series Active Tourer is rather agile for its size and manages body control well. The steering is well weighted and accurate but select sport mode and it becomes artificially heavy.Turn into a bend and you’ll notice some movement in the body but even through quick changes in direction the Active Tourer never feels unsettled Fake Celine.