A classic example is the streamlined body shape and fluked

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Christian Louboutin Sale Ecomorphological comparisons suggest that derived mosasaurs were similar to pelagic sharks in terms of swimming performance, a finding that significantly expands our understanding of the level of aquatic adaptation achieved by these seagoing lizards.IntroductionConvergent evolution has resulted in some remarkable morphological adaptations in organisms that are found in similar environments. A classic example is the streamlined body shape and fluked tail developed by cetaceans and fish to allow swift movement through the water. Piscine body plans and bilobed caudal flukes have also been documented in two groups of distantly related Mesozoic marine reptiles; that is Christian Louboutin Sale, ichthyosaurs and metriorhynchid crocodyliforms, thanks to rare soft tissue impressions in exceptionally preserved fossils1,2 Christian Louboutin Outlet,3. Christian Louboutin Sale

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